Discover a world of innovation and connection at our four extraordinary regional events happening in 2023-2024! These remarkable gatherings offer a platform for career development practitioners, partners, and members to come together and explore the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking ideas shaping our future.

Don't miss these incredible opportunities to witness game-changing presentations, expand your network, and connect with peers who share your passion and drive. Mark your calendars for these must-attend events, and get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to shape the future.

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Hotel Accommodations can be made with White Point  (see details below)  

  • Book accommodation at White Point, White Point Beach, Queens County (75 White Point Rd #2, Queens County, NS B0T 1G0) 
  • Reservations can be made directly by telephoning 1800 565 5068

Link to hotel website: White Point




Person-Centered De-Escalation

Happening the day before each Regional Event, at the same location of each regional event from 1:00 to 4:00

When we understand why a person becomes escalated, we are better prepared to support them getting their needs met. All behaviours are communication. This workshop teaches practitioners how to better understand and support escalated people, while maintaining professional boundaries, personal autonomy for the client, empathy, and wellness for all. Practitioners have said this workshop has improved their service delivery as well as their ability to support themselves, their team, and their clients. Furthermore, this tool is useful for debriefing with practitioner teams to improve service delivery to clients through improved communication and co-regulation. The team has a person-centered language, which supports the clients as competent individuals with inherent value and agency. Finally, this tool and the knowledge gained in the workshop facilitates an understanding of a person's escalated behaviour as communication, and intentionally builds and supports the practitioner's capacity and delivery of compassionate care for their clients. This provides the language and framework for de-escalation for practitioner teams and their clients, which naturally strengthens relationships, improving the practitioner's ability to de-escalate as well as maintain their own sense of competency, wellness, and valuable contributions to the overall team.

Participants will get a certificate of attendance for De-escalation: A Person-Centered Workshop

NSCDA Conference - South Shore / Valley

  • Wednesday Nov 15 2023, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Thursday Nov 16 2023, 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
  • White Point
    75 White Point Beach Resort Rd.
    White Point, Nova Scotia
    B0T 1G0